North Judson-San Pierre Jr/Sr High School

Athletics Eventlink Instructions

By Mike Sharkozy | Jul 15, 2022 12:35 PM

eventlink 2.png

North Judson-San Pierre Athletics took a big step forward to enhance your scheduling experience. NJSP has partnered with EventLink to bring your athlete’s schedule to your fingertips. Benefits include: live updates, text/email notifications, subscribe or un-subscribe to any team calendar at any time. If you like the sound of this, then follow the steps below to make your athletic experience a more positive one. Install EventLink app on your mobile device via iTunes or via Google Play Store or you can access EventLink on your computer Open the app and click “add an account” Select “Find My Schools” and search for North Judson-San Pierre High School Select the school by clicking the school name; then select “Next” in upper right corner Select “Next” again to receive Notifications and the Daily Summary Create your User Name & Password, select time zone, complete ALL contact information by clicking on CONTACTS to enter the required fields; then click “Done” Activate your account through the account activation email link (to receive email notifications) and/or text link (to receive text notifications) Log back into EventLink and select “Manage Calendars” Select the sports calendars of your choice (note there are separate choices for practice and games); then select “Save” After EventLink refreshes, you can view your sports calendars – You are all set

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