Bluejays News · 2019-2020 Cheerleading Squad Sports Awards

Letter Winners-  


Emma Radtke

Isabella Dietrich

Kimberly Perez

Kenzie McDaniel

Emma Shireman

Lindsey Clapp

Brianna Thompson

Trinidi Shaffer

Jaydan Risner

Miranda Vonville

Delaney McDonald

Shiann Hazi

Lilly Blount

Isabelle Ashton

Christian Smith

Fayth Salrin

Madison Marin

Chloe White


Most Dedicated- Brianna Thompson

Mental Attitude Award- Emma Shireman

Sharon Powers Memorial Award- Emma Radtke


 We had a great year with a lot of new members.  With much hard work and dedication, we were able to accomplish many new things this year.  This team came together during some challenging times, supported each other, and maintained focus on the team’s goals. I am so very proud of all you, and look forward to next season.  Congratulations to our Seniors! We will miss you next year, and I wish you the best of luck always. Go Bluejays!!

-Coach Mandi Clapp